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Letting Go With Love: the Grieving Process

"Several years ago I was given a copy of your book Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process by a concerned counselor. It has been a constant source of reference and support during a long period of chronic illness and eventual death of my mother. In the last months I have lost two of my dearest friends…my parents of 53 years. Thank you does not express adequately my appreciation for the assistance this piece of writing has given me in me in helping to blend my mind, emotions and physical well-being into a whole person again."

--- Virginia M Landis

My beloved wife of 47 years died after a short illness with abdominal cancer. A friend loaned me a copy of Letting Go With Love: The Grieving process and I found it extremely helpful in coping with my grief... so I want to but two more copies to loan to my friends who have lost their spouses."

--- Phillip H Introf

"I’ve looked at Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process very closely and I liked it very much. The subject is close to me as my younger brother was killed in a car accident last year and at the time I didn’t have a text from which to seek guidance. So please consider this a ringing endorsement."

--- George McNamee, University of Arizona Press

"I just read Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process by Nancy O’Connor Ph.D. and I think it is wonderful and helpful."

--- Jeffrey A King

"I am impressed with the books completeness and straightforward readable quality which can really only be done by someone who has been there."

--- Ernest F Pecci M.D.

"I have just finished reading Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process in the middle of my night shift at a hospice. I’m writing to tell you what a great book it is. By the time I was one half way through I was recommending it to my colleagues and to patients and families. I love the book it is so readable---it really isn’t about death at all is it? It’s a handbook for the living!"

--- Molly Stockton RN

"Especially helpful in your book Letting Go With Love: the Grieving Process is your clear and down-to-earth suggestions for utilizing normal grieving to enhance further personal growth and development."

--- Richard Gellerman Ph.D.

"Thank you so much for the best book I have read on letting go. Thank you especially for the time frames. They helped me to feel normal and helped me feel like there will be an end to the daily tears someday. I lost me beloved husband eight months ago."

--- Rosemary McLain Ware

"I highly recommend this book to my clients. The Chapters on Coping Styles and Handling Loss are particularity useful to any grieving person whether the death of a loved one or any other personal loss in life."

--- Molly Hill Folken, Special Programs, Baldwin-Fairchild Cemeteries and Funeral Homes

"To date I haven’t finished reading Letting Go With Love. I find that I cannot read your book rapidly. While reading it I find my mind drifts off and soon I am thinking about the deaths I have experienced. I believe that this is the strength of this text as the recollections have been therapeutic for me."

--- Karen Shafer, Professor, Southern Arizona University

"Six years ago my husband and I lost our two preschool children. While doing research for a college class I found your book. It was most comforting and helpful. I only wish I that someone had told me (us) that sometime n the course of my (our) grieving “time heals” and that the grief gets easier to bear. I think back and clearly remember the heavy burden on my heart and not knowing that eventually the burden would get lighter. I want to thank you for this beautiful helpful book."

--- Mary Palacz R.N.

"I was ten yours old when my father, a policeman was killed in the line of duty. I never dealt with his death until I read Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process. I appreciate it as I really felt you were speaking to me as if I was an individual and not by using psychological mumbo-jumbo. I felt as though you were/are actually here for me. Thanks so much."

--- Diane Henry

"I have just finished reading Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process. There’s literally a jewel on every page—types of losses--feeling one may expect to have--length of grieving period—guilt and so much more. The Chapter on Suicide was especially interesting to me. It is good-good-good!"

--- Carolyn Marin

"I read your book Letting Go With Love: the Grieving Process. Thank you so much. I am fifteen and I loss my boyfriend six months ago. Your helpful explained things I didn’t know before. It also gave me an idea how to go about getting over this. It showed me that I am not alone and what I am going through is quite normal. I realize there is a long road ahead for me. Your book smoother things out. Thanks a lot."

--- Kim Kettler

"As Chaplain in a 360 bed skilled health care facility, grief is an emotion almost every resident and their family is struggling with to balance their lives. I have found your book most helpful and have been giving my copy to several people. These people have been toughed by your book and have asked for a copy of their own, hence the bulk purchase."

--- Betty Skonieczny, Chaplain

"Dr. O’Connor I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you have written Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process. I have recently taken care of a terminal illness of my mother with the help of a hospice group. Your book helped me come to terms with my own feelings of grief and helped, me to feel some of my feelings were sane when, in fact I wasn’t sure they were sane at all. I recommend your book to anyone who has gone through the death of someone close."

--- Patsy Campbell

"I found your book in a library in Florida while I was on vacation. And want you to know what a great help it has been for me. We just lost our 82-year-old mother from cancer last July. Your boom helped me to come to grips with myself. Thank you so much."

--- Helen M Smith

"Your work is now a part of St. Tim’s Grief Ministry. Doesn’t it make you wonder how many lives you have touched and enriched through your heart and talents? I would imagine it is like a moon shinning on the ocean, as each wavelet caresses the other to carry outward the shimmering display of light. Thank you for being you. God bless you softly."

--- Carol Ann Caviello

"I have just read your wonderful book titled Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process. It has helped me tremendously in finding solutions to deal with the death of my dear twin sister, almost three years ago. She suffered terribly with cancer and passed away at the age of 43. When she died I held back my tears, I had my mother to think of, but now I am getting on with my own grieving process. I am even painting again. If you were close I’d give you a hug for the comfort your thoughts, advice and encouragement have given me."

--- Leonard P. Trzeciak

"Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process by Nancy O’Connor is more than a palliative for those who mourn. A practical source of information on the universal stages of grief, it goes even further, zeroing in on special problems connected with specific losses including death of a sibling, of a child, of a spouse and by suicide. Letting Go With Love offers hope, understanding and a steady hand through the darkness."

--- June Scott Darby

"This book is truly a “God-sent” message to many hurting people. I have read it many times, analyzing its contents. Every page contains helpful information in an easy-to-understand manner. Thanks."

--- Virginia M Landis