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How to Talk to Your Doctor

"How To Talk To Your Doctor is clever, clear and concise! Anyone who goes to a doctor must read and use this advice. It changed my relationship with my oncologist for the better."

--- Charlie Archer, Patient

"This book gives good tips on dealing with your physician. If she/he is unresponsive and doesn't listen to you, it is time to look for a new doctor."

--- Nancy S. Baldwin MOT, Masters In Occupational Therapy

"How To Talk To Your Doctor is a great book. It changed my life. Now my doctor listens to me."

--- Mimi Carson, Retired School Teacher

"How To Talk To Your Doctor is a book that will benefit patients and doctors alike. A well informed patient helps us help them."

--- David Burt, PTT

"This book is fun and funny and makes its point with a flare. I have recommended it to so many people."

--- Sara Cole, R.N.