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How to Grow Up When You're Grown Up:
Achieving Balance in Adulthood

"Clearly organized and simply stated, Dr. O'Connor's book is an effective blend of ancient truth and modern procedure.""

---Hugh Prather, Author

"I just read your book and my impression was really fabulous. I was amazed at how easy it was to understand. With this one book I can begin to help myself and know what kind of help I need. With this book 'growing up' can be easier than you think. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs self-improvement and wants to work on giving their best."

--- Margaret Simms, A reader

"How To Grow Up When You're Grown Up addresses the process of growing into mature, wise human beings whose lives can be expressions of joy, balance and peace. It deals with reaching beyond the fears we all experience, into wholeness."

--- Dr. David Wilkerson, Rel.D

"After reading How To Grow Up when You're Grown Up I was finally able to put the scattered puzzle pieces of my life together and to understand what I had been searching for."

--- Sandra Taylor B.A.

"I didn't understand why I always got into the same problems in relationships, but after reading Dr.O'Connor's book I realized the patterns of my own behavior that I have used to sabotage the relationship. I tried her suggestions and now I do things in a different way. Thanks, Dr. O'Connor for the insight and help."

--- John Reed M.S.

"I had been deeply emotionally hurt by someone extremely close to me. I prayed about it -- the hurt and the pain, that is. I told this person that I forgave him and that I would support him. However, I found myself always judging him. I could never get passed the acts he'd done to me. Sure, I'd been told to 'let go of the past'. But how can you move forward when the trust is gone? Well, one section in Dr. O'Connor's book (pg.74 paperback) released me -- totally. I give high praises to this book and to its author. Dr. O'Connor, what a wonderful job you did at addressing an issue that many of us deal with inside, but never voice to those around us. You understood us . . . thank you."

--- A Tough Critic, Grateful Reader

"I bought How To Grow Up When You're Grown Up over 10 years ago and it made such a difference in my life I want to order 10 more copies to give to all my friends."

--- Denis Rice, Australia