grief and death

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We are interested in hearing your story. If you have read one of our books and have benefited from it please share your story. Even if you haven’t read one of our books we still want to hear from you. We may ask you if we can share your story on our blog, but we won’t share it without your permission. Many times other people have suffered similar experiences and it helps to realize you are not alone.


We are writing a book about the therapeutic process of writing a letter to someone who you have unfinished business with, either living or dead. If you have would like to write a letter and share it with us. Please do so. We will respect your privacy 100%. If we want to use the letter in the book we will get your signed permission first plus protect your anonymity.

Letters may be written to:

  • A parent who abandoned or abused you
  • A parent who died and you didn’t get to say good-bye
  • A spouse who wronged you
  • A spouse who died
  • A child who is lost or died
  • A sibling from whom you are estranged or died
  • A step parent
  • A grandparent
  • Friends
  • A boss or co-worker
  • Anyone else who impacted your life in an emotional way

The purpose for writing a letter, as a tool of therapy is to express any unresolved feelings either positive or negative and to release pent up emotions. It isn’t to send to the person, but to help you sort out what you are feeling and to heal. Your feelings are yours. If this stirs up issues you can’t work out on your own please see a therapist. Most often the letter will bring up the feelings that you need to heal and is enough to help release old issues.

Three ways to submit stories or letters:

  1. Email: Preferably as a Microsoft Word document to
  2. Mail: Send to Story Editor, La Mariposa Press, 1990 E. Campbell Terrace Tucson, AZ 85718-5952

  3. Post to the blog:

Please include your name, address, email address and telephone number, and the best way and time to contact you.