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Growing Up

Growing Up Spiritually

Spirituality is available to everyone, whether you belong to an organized religion; go to church regularly, practice your religious rituals daily, or not. To connect with your spirituality you need to turn inward and listen to your inner guidance. Different people use a variety of ways to tap into their soul or spirit or higher consciousness. Attending churches with inspired ministers, rabbi's or priests are one way. Prayer, meditation, chanting, reading and discussions of spiritual issues are other ways. Because we are all unique what works for one person may not work for someone else, but another method does. It is important to respect the way others worship even if it isn't your way. We are all seeking the same end, just going down different paths to get there.

Spirituality means accepting things that we can't always see, hear, touch or feel with our senses. It is something beyond and has mysterious and unexplained qualities that we accept on faith. Religions are full of issues based on faith including, an afterlife, God or higher power, Heaven-Hell, the power of prayer, healing and on and on. Some of us believe in miracles others say there is no such thing. Some of us don't believe in coincidence, they say everything is preordained, and others say many things are coincidences.

Whatever you believe or whatever method you use to reach within and beyond is the right way for you at this moment. If you are committed to Growing Up Spiritually, you can use your way to find the answers to your questions, and find guidance to follow the best path for you. The important thing is to acknowledge that the questions exist and that the answers are worth seeking. You will Grow Up Spiritually in this search and through the struggles and suffering, you may experience along the way.

Spiritual maturity is an important part of growing up. It teaches you strength and endurance and provides an anchor in the larger sea of life. It is something to hold onto when times get stormy and turbulent. This strength helps you to deal with whatever problems or challenges arise. A sense of spiritual understanding connects and holds you together physically, emotionally, intellectually to keep you in balance. It is the higher wisdom that makes the struggle worthwhile.