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Growing Up

Growing up Intellectually

What you think about yourself is automatically what you become. Your thoughts are so powerfully connected with your belief system that that you create your own reality by what you think. Your emotions then respond to your thoughts and you become what you think! The process is subtle and automatic, and is set up for us in childhood.

Your behaviors are the actions that are consistent with your beliefs. If you were told that you are stupid by a teacher or your parents, then that may be what you believe and consequently you act stupid. It may not be true at all and without re-examining and discarding useless and false beliefs you may never reach your personal potential.

Much of your self-concept is rooted in what you think about yourself. Your parents planted these ideas about who you are very early. If you were lucky you had parents who gave you positive messages about being lovable, smart, worthwhile, valued and loved. That is what you grew up to believe to be true about yourself. On the other hand if you were told that you were stupid, worthless, dumb, useless and other derogatory things then that is what you believe about yourself. In the second case, unless you change these negative messages, you will spend your adult life trying to hide from and cover up your worthlessness, stupidity etc. Guess what! It was all a lie to start with. Most often parents project their own negative self-beliefs onto their children. You were duped.

It is surprising and shocking at how many people don't know how to think. Most of us go through life in a knee-jerk way just reacting to things and events in our lives instead of acting, analyzing, discarding old ways of thinking and being, We wait for someone else to tell us what to think, what to do, and how to act.

The book How to Grow Up When You're Grown Up: Achieving Balance in Adulthood helps you to unravel the mysteries associated with the thinking process and encourages you to use your native intelligence to you maximum capacity.

There is a powerful connection between your thoughts and your emotions. Read on!