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Growing Up

Growing Up Physically

The body you have is the only one you will get. It is important to respect and take care on your body to stay fit, exercise and eat right, get enough sleep and rest to prevent and avoid illnesses and accidents that could contribute to your dis-ease and even early death. If you get ill you are temporarily out of balance. You physical state takes top priority and must heal to reestablish balance.

Many adults are out of touch with their bodies. So many of us fill our bodies with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sugar, preservatives, we breath dirty air, and drink water that is less than ideal. We ignore stress and become chronically anxious. We ignore aches and pains and other warning signals hoping they will just go away. Others plunge into fad diets or crazed fitness regimes to fit some cultural notion of beauty and attraction. In other words we don't listen to our bodies.

Learn to pay attention and respect your body. It is often the first warning system if you are in danger, physically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually. It tells you when an old fear is being triggered, when your stress level is overloaded, when you are full, when you need a vacation to get more sleep. In our busy world we have learned to ignore our "body talk". To stay balanced we need to reconnect with our physical selves to stay as healthy as possible and enjoy all that life has to offer.