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Grief & Loss

The Healing Process: The Right To Die

The State of Oregon is the only State in the USA that twice has voted in the right to make a choice about the end of your life. It is called Physician Assisted Suicide. "Suicide" is a highly charged word. The dictionary defines it as " the act or instance of taking one's own life voluntarily and intentionally. This law allows a person can choose the time of his or her death and the physician will supply a lethal dose of medication, not administer it, but provide it to the person to take their self.

There are several movements in various states to support an individual's right to end life, usually this person is suffering from an incurable terminal illness with no hope of recovery or ever living a quality life again. The 2004 Award winning Documentary Movie "The Sea Within" demonstrates this point very well. People have personal and differing opinions about this issue. The Supreme Court is now considering the Constitutionality of this law. It is something to think about.