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Lottie's Lot

Lottie Walker-Hastings’s life spanned 86 years from 1872 to 1956.During her life she saw monumental social changes. Horse and buggy’s were replaced cars traveling on freeways and jet airplanes. Fashions went from modest ankle length skirts to the 20’s flapper dresses to mini- skirts. She lived through two world wars and a few smaller ones. Church hymns morphed into radio then television. She raised six daughters and one son and outlived three of them. Born into a conservative Baptist family she was heartbroken to watch her husband and several of her children turn to alcohol to solve their problems, but she remained loyal to her childhood values to the end. Most of this story is true and based on extensive genealogy research. The author is her great-granddaughter.

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Letter Therapy: Healing Emotional Wounds

"Letter Therapy is a simple and effective way to stop carting around burdens from the past Writing a heartfelt letter to a parent, spouse, sibling or anyone who has caused us pain or grief can heal buried emotional wounds. This book provides real-life letters covering a multitude of situations as a guideline. Being totally introspective will expand our understanding of ourselves and increase our self-acceptance."

-Nancy Buchanan, M.A. Librarian

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Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process

The purpose of this book is to educate, support and encourage people who are grieving to understand that grief is a process of healing the feelings of sadness, anger, and depression that inevitably go along with losing a loved one.

You can get this book in paperback or hardcover, in audio format (CD or cassette), or in Spanish. There is also a revised edition with two completely new chapters.

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How to Grow Up When You're Grown Up: Achieving Balance in Adulthood

The purpose of this book is to dispel the myth that growing up isn’t fun. It is fun and better yet your life will work much better. Relationships will blossom and you will feel calmer, happier and more content. This book encourages getting into balance in a holistic way. It identifies problems in the areas of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. Then it gives solutions to specific problems. If you follow the simple steps to remedy your negative behavior patterns you will move one step closer to GROWING UP.

You can get this book in paperback or hardcover. It is also available in Spanish.

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How to Talk to Your Doctor

The purpose of this book is to encourage patients to become more assertive in dealing with their physicians; to take charge of their physical and mental health, and; to work in partnership with their doctors. With a cartoon format this little book is packed full of useful and empowering information.

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The Legacy of Suicide DVD


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